• The members in our R & D committee have had over 15 years experience in the machine tool industry. These experienced team members have achieved many international design patents. The exchange of technological experiences with major overseas corporations has enhanced R & D ability and has made FIRST machines acceptable worldwide.


  • Over 10,000 finished and unfinished components of FIRST machines are Kept in our warehouses to fulfill production plans and service requirements.
    The use of computer systems, from Unix to NT base systems, from DOS to WINDOWS, from separate networks to a main frame continually work to improve management of material handling and other areas. Data is entered into the systems to produce reports accurately and automatically. With adequate stock, we can give the shortest possible delivery of machines and parts.


  • We use the best quality Meehanite cast iron in our machines. FIRST began to use Meehanite castings in 1981and the foundries adopted the unique specifications and process from the Meehanite company. Every process of production, form the metal or sand used, is monitored and controlled by the quality assurance system of the Meehanite Company.
    This is followed by C meter, image spectroanalyzer, metallurgical microscope and material tension tests which complete the stability of physical quality. All of the main castings are annealed before machining in order to normalize the composition of the castings and give the finished parts permanent accuracy.


  • More that $20 million has been invested in machining facilities. Including vertical and horizontal machining centers, bridge type five face machining centers, CNC lathes and grinding machines.
    Machining lines work by SOP (standard operation process), set and confirmed by experienced operators, to ensure accuracy of parallelism, squareness , straightness and roundness of every single part. The factory is air-conditioned thus giving a very stable manufacturing environment.
  • By setting seven assembly lines, we are capable of producing 600 units of both manual mills and machining centers per month. SOP and the very low turnover of staff at Long Chang makes assembly work accurate and fast. A complete inspection system ensures that machines are delivered in first class condition.


  • Quality control and assurance verified by international quality assurance Systems including ISO 9000, CNC, JIS, DIN, UL, CSA, and CE, is final confirmation of the high standard of FIRST machines. Long chang has engineers with more than 10 years' experience in assembly or machining who now work in the Quality Control and Assurance team. Through the statistics and analysis recorded by the team, we and improve FIRST machines to meet he requirements of worldwide customers.


  • Standard and careful packing processes ensure that each FIRST machine rives at the customer in perfect condition even after thousands of miles of transportation.


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